Comment 30 for bug 964705

Benji (benjim) wrote :

As this and related bugs show:
Non-Admin users can't even connect to wireless networks, not already created. This is neither an opinion nor a "wish". Non-Admin users should at least be able to connect to wireless networks.
The cause of all effects here: Unchecking the "available to all users" box. But the intended functionally should be to click on a available network connection in the network-manager-applet and just connect to the wireless network. This doesn't work at all. Therefore I would consider it as a bug. Even if the intention is, not to allow normal users to modify system wide connections (which is pretty reasonable), the effects it causes are bugs, which lead (for non admin users) to the inability to use the uses in an adequate way.

Furthermore, according to the status, Debian and OpenSuse got the issue fixed.