Comment 5 for bug 963106

Steven Farmer (stevenleefarmer) wrote :

One last data point: I'm seeing the problem only with wired connections when "Available to all users" has been checked for that connection (right-click on the nm-applet icon, select "Edit Connections...", select the connection and click "Edit..." then check/uncheck "Available to all users" in the lower left).

To /etc/init.d/umountroot, just before the 'mount -n -o remount,ro /' sequence, I added:

/bin/ps > /DEBUG
/usr/bin/lsof >> DEBUG

/DEBUG shows that when (and only when) "Available to all users" has been selected for a wired connection, when umountroot runs dhclient is still running and has a dhcp lease file open for write; consequently umountroot fails. I'm attaching a copy of this DEBUG file. For wired connections with "Available to all users" unchecked, and for wireless connections, dhclient has gone away by the time umountroot runs and so there is no problem in those cases.