Comment 42 for bug 963106

tuhu (tuhubage) wrote :

I could not open the file of /dev/null, where the output of 'ps p $(pgrep modem-manager) 2>/dev/null' went, the error on gedit: "Could not open the file /dev/null. /dev/null is not a regular file". But, when I piped it to Desktop, like: "ps p $(pgrep modem-manager) 2>/root/Desktop" , the output showed an error: "ERROR: List of process IDs must follow p. ********* simple selection ********* ********* selection by list ********* ... and.. so-on...".

The message "mount: / is busy" appears no matter my Huawei ec156 mobile broadband is attached or not. Or, when wireless network is active or not.

There is no error in /var/log/upstart/modemmanager.log, as you can see in the atachment.