Comment 28 for bug 91890

VK Sameer (vksameer) wrote :

This document ( - in section titled 'Creating/Modifying a User connection') has an interesting claim:

  Hint Auto created connections are not editable. Modifying them without changing names will not be saved

Yet to confirm with a reboot, but custom DNS servers remained in /etc/resolv.conf after a variation on this sequence:

- Edit Connections...
- Edit 'Auto eth0'
- Change to Automatic (DHCP) addresses only in 'IPv4 Settings' tab
- Added DNS Servers,
- Change 'Auto eth0' to 'DHCP+static-DNS' (arbitrary name) and 'Close'
- Verify /etc/resolv.conf contains custom DNS servers
- Uncheck 'Enable Networking' to disable networking and verify /etc/resolv.conf empty
- Re-check 'Enable Networking'