Comment 2 for bug 725041

Juho Teperi (deraen) wrote :

Seems to be because new dnsmasq (2.56+, checks if there is junk on its parameters and NetworkManager is sending bogus conf-file.
Related part from nm source:

Also I tried to run dnsmasq without bogus conf file and with, here are results:

juho@juho:~$ sudo dnsmasq --keep-in-foreground
^Cjuho@juho:~$ sudo dnsmasq --keep-in-foreground --conf-file /tmp/sdfsdf.conf

dnsmasq: junk found in command line
juho@juho:~$ sudo dnsmasq --keep-in-foreground --conf-file=/tmp/sdfsdf.conf

dnsmasq: cannot read /tmp/sdfsdf.conf: No such file or directory