Comment 43 for bug 314713

Ubuntu Lucid x86_64 here. I experience a similar problem with all sites.
No problems with Windows Vista on the same machine. It takes tens of seconds to connect to google (i got 6 Mbit/s cable connection).
The problem in my case is in the ISP's NAT that works differently with Linuxes. The MTU value is 1500 in Windows and setting it to 1360 in Linux does not solve the problem for me.
I was told that ISP has at least one more Linux behind that NAT with such a problem, but they don't care much because we're just Linux users.
I didn't find differences between Windows and Linux IP settings. They are obtained with DHCP and look the same (IP, DNS, MTU and such).
A couple of weeks ago the problem was in 40% (when i did ping -i 5 lost packets and errors when the network is under intensive usage by ISP clients. Now it is just too slow connection to an address all the time. Not the download speed, just the initiating a connection takes too much time.