Comment 13 for bug 314713

I think I agree it is something to do with the interaction between router and linux. I have now tried this with konqeror also. It is very interesting in that it has a different failure: It successfully loads linked in pages like my contacts but at some point starts getting addresses *wrong*. It starts for example trying to load google search results as if the links all pointed to So I still think there might be some DNS caching issue in this also.

On my 8.10 machine, 32 bit OS, firefox, the simplest way to trigger this issue is to try and view my contacts. The page loads but the contacts don't - all I see is the spinning wheel. I've grabbed a wireshark trace of this and will have a look over it. So far I can see that the log tails with a lot of TCP retransmission requests from me to ( These don't seem to be being answered. No obvious signs of DNS problems.