Comment 24 for bug 284298

Paul Perkins (thirdspace) wrote :

Ubuntu 8.10.
Wired and Wireless connections, sometimes use one, sometimes the other.
DHCP works, but I want to use fixed addresses on some networks even when DHCP server is available.
Bug: changes made via the NetworkManager applet sometimes stick, but usually get silently thrown away either at once, or after logout, or on reboot. Silently thrown away changes probably correlate to the "system settings" checkbox. I can sometimes get system to ask for my password using the workaround described above, but not always, and I'm not convinced even that assures my changes will stick.

When I delete the "Auto eth0" network, it comes back on the next reboot.
When I disable Wireless (applet right-click menu), it is enabled again on the next reboot.

There seems to be no documentation anywhere I can find that tells me anything about NetworkManager except that I am supposed to love it, and trust that it knows what I want better than I do. But it does not!!!