Comment 8 for bug 283233

Pablos544 (pablo-ezrider) wrote :

I've just downloaded Ubuntu 8.10 and have experienced a similar problem. I'm trying to set-up a static IP address for my PC but the Network Settings don't 'stick' as the guy above 'photonymous' says, and when i reboot the 'Auto eth0' connection resurfaces.

Further confusingly the Network Control Panel in Ubuntu claims that the 'Auto-eth0' connection is 'never' whereas my newly created 'My eth0' connection is '3 minutes' but when i delete the auto-connection the system tray proudly proclaims that that 'My network is now disconnected', and in a few moments the Network Manager announces through the System Tray that 'My eth0' connection is now connected. But when i restart the computer the 'Auto eth0' connection is again created and it is the default connection. My new connection is there but not active. I manually then have to convince the system that 'My eth0' is the one to use again, but no matter what i do these settings are lost next time start Ubuntu which then goes back using 'Auto eth0'.

This didn't use to be no problem in Ubuntu 8.04.