Comment 6 for bug 1491612

teo1978 (teo8976) wrote :

> I think do frequent automatic rescan could hurt battery life,
> so menu item for manual rescan would be better idea.

They don't need to be *very* frequent. Yes, the menu item for manual rescan is an absolute MUST (see below though), but it also has to rescan automatically from time to time.

Also note that the system knows when it's attached to power, and hence can scan more frequently in that case (assuming battery consumption really is affected).

Actually, when you manually unfold the network menu, *that* should already trigger a rescan (if the fact that it is scanning was indicated by an animation/icon, which it should, then there would be no need for a specific menu item), and also automatic rescan should be more frequent when the menu is unfolded. You aren't going to keep that menu open all the time anyway.