Comment 19 for bug 1407928

I'm on rc-proposed with arale, and last Sunday this happened:
- I'm on my cellular network
- In the morning I go to a place that offers free wifi. I connect to it.
- I leave this place, change city, go back home (with its own known wifi network) at night
- I sleep over the night
- The morning after (Monday morning) I want to check a video; before that I want to make sure I'm on wifi. I pulled down the wifi indicator and I see I'm still "connected" to the wifi of the place where I had breakfast the day before
- My home's wifi is in the list (!) so I just choose it and it connects.

I'm not sure if the phone was indeed connected to my ap but displaying something else, or if it wasn't connected at all. The other times I've seen something like this usually the indicator updates (either connecting or showing the right connection, who knows) pretty quickly *after* I pull down.
Is it possible to get any logs that could better show what's going on for real?