Comment 5 for bug 1193205

You can still get routes via DHCP, we just never request them; I think adding the static-routes option my help a lot in this regard. There are various options possible for DHCPv6... Would you be in a position to further describe your setup so we can add this to the test cases?

I'd be interested to know specifically, just to be sure, which pieces of information for the connection you expect to go through DHCPv6, and which ones you expect to be retrieved from the RA?

The DHCP only option is just that -- it bypasses RAs largely and just asks DHCP for as much information as it is possible. If you're using DHCP for just some pieces (like just the address) then you might want to make sure what the proper options are enabled in the RAs; such as OtherConfig and all (the bits that tell systems to further consult DHCP when they have received a RA).