Comment 28 for bug 1172151


I just built a asus-wmi dkms package, I think it should work for you.
Try installing it and reboot the system to see if it works.
   sudo dpkg -i asus-wmi-dkms_1.0_all.deb

If not, I need some other logs hope you can attach them to me.
1. the result of "rfkill list" command, and then press the wifi hotkey and do "rfkill list" agagin, I need the 2 logs.
2. cat /sys/module/asus_nb_wmi/parameters/wapf
   if you got the value is "0", then try the following commands to see if it make the wifi hotkey works
   2.1 sudo rmmod asus-nb-wmi asus-wmi
   2.2 sudo modprobe asus-wmi
   2.3 sudo modprobe asus-nb-wmi wapf=4
   2.4 try pressing the wifi hotkey and log the result of "rfkill list" to see if the hard block and soft block synchronized.

BTW, since you have the wifi issue, I'm wondering if the hotkeys to the turn off the screen and the display toggle are working.
I can fix them if you have problems.