Comment 10 for bug 1059065

Got it, I understand what you mean now.

Unfortunately, the configuration is not "reset" if you delete all available connections, you'll likely want to go back to nm-applet and click on the wired device (a connection in nm-applet named "Auto ethernet" or something like it) to allow it to connect, which should create a new DHCP configuration.

In other words, after cancelling connections, when there is nothing listed in the Connection Editor, you'll want to go back to nm-applet and click on the "automatic" entry that should be there (you may need to disconnect and reconnect the cable for it to appear).

As far as I can tell, this properly handles the cases where someone deleted all the configurations, and allows one to recover from the customized connections being deleted. "no-auto-default" is required to avoid re-creating a default connection which would be automatically tried when a cable is connected.

Still, there doesn't seem to be a bug here, so I'm setting this back to Invalid.