Comment 0 for bug 1004775

NetworkManager stops and starts dnsmasq very frequently (every few minutes). During the brief window that dnsmasq is restarting, hostname resolution doesn't work. dnsmasq is getting restarted frequently enough that I see brief hostname resolution errors in Chrome several times a day during normal web browsing.

This is on Precise with network-manager and dnsmasq-base 2.59-4.

The frequent restarts seem to be triggered by IPv6 route advertisements on my network. (See log snippet below.) When NetworkManager gets a route advertisement, it reconfigures everything. In the case of dnsmasq, this means stopping dnsmasq, writing a new config file, and starting dnsmasq. NetworkManager should restart dnsmasq only if it its configuration changes.

I'm attaching a snippet from /var/log/daemon.log on my system that demonstrates a restart. This is with debug logging configured in /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf.