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Bug #1322728: VPN Connection Failed With 2 Factor Authentication Low Confirmed 208 weeks

From: Adam Koczur
Link: fix_2fa.patch


Bug #1681295: Problem in nm-openvpn-service.c, openvpn connection fails after key renegotiation because --auth-user-pass is passed with --auth-nocache. High Triaged 237 weeks

From: Nicholas Stommel
Link: nm-openvpn-service-fix.patch

The following patch removes the single offending line which causes this issue.

Bug #364101: network-manager-openvpn does not support all options supported by openvpn Wishlist Confirmed 288 weeks

From: Dorian Harmans
Link: network-manager-openvpn.patch


Bug #1530439: Add OpenVPN option --tls-version-max Wishlist New 304 weeks

From: Trogel
Link: network-manager-openvpn-


Bug #1297849: [SRU] Virtual private network connection fails after distribution upgrade due to outdated Network Manager configuration files High Triaged 364 weeks

From: Pavel Boldin
Link: network-manager-applet-1297849.patch


Bug #1254220: nm-connection-editor GUI enters an infinite loop with tk_file_chooser_select_filename: assertion 'filename != NULL' after selecting p12 file Undecided Confirmed 371 weeks

From: fralk
Link: NetworkManager-openvpn-

patch for the properties/auth-helpers.c source

Bug #1160962: import function does not parse 3rd item of remote key Undecided New 448 weeks

From: dabTw
Link: import-export.c-patch


Bug #112248: fields to set MTU and MSS missing Wishlist Triaged 598 weeks

From: Magnus Kulke
Link: fragmentation_options_lucid.patch


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