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Bug #1935604: network-manager-applet: stored auto connect VPN gets changed when viewing settings Undecided New 53 weeks

From: coderjoe
Link: 1-1.8.24-1ubuntu4.debdiff

Diff from 1.8.24-1ubuntu3 with the above 3 patches applied. Builds on focal and solves the problem on my local machine.

Bug #1478816: Network-Manager applet crashes when ModemManager restarts Undecided New 368 weeks

From: Mathias Hasselmann
Link: lp1418260_really_dont_crash_if_mm_isnt_avail.patch


Bug #1369929: WiFi passwords and keychain [Eduroam] Medium Triaged 413 weeks

From: Jouko Orava
Link: uuid-to-id.patch

Use ID instead of UUID in nm-applet secrets

Bug #1260326: Can't create AP hotspots in ubuntu 13.10 / network-manager Medium Triaged 418 weeks

From: Marius B. Kotsbak
Link: 0002-Use-AP-mode-for-network-sharing-if-device-supports-i.patch

Patch applicable for version currently used in Ubuntu, original available in upstream bug report

Bug #1301158: nm-applet icon invisible High Confirmed 424 weeks

From: Mélodie
Link: interfaces.patch


Bug #1104476: Network manager cannot connect to WPA2/PEAP/MSCHAPv2 enterprise wifi networks without CA_Certificate, like Eduroam High Triaged 461 weeks

From: Pritam Baral
Link: system-ca-certs.patch

Lets user choose whether to use system CA certs or not.

Bug #721303: Text of the buttons change, resizes buttons Medium Triaged 600 weeks

From: Olivier Tilloy
Link: lp721303_no_ellipsis_on_buttons.patch


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