Comment 19 for bug 19775

gary_inNYC (wat-gary) wrote :

Now that sudo works after the patch, I am now (unable) to start synaptic, or change software sources from the System, Administration menu. What's going on? I can still use apt get from terminal, but I can't use synaptic through gui menus. Ugh! As soon as I rid the domain entry from manual network configuration, I am able to run Synaptic through the gui menus again.

After removing that entry, everything works normally (synaptic through gui worked, sudo worked, browsing windows workgroups worked)...

But as soon as I reboot, I can't access the Windows workgroup, (But synaptic works from gui since the domain field was left blank) This is getting really frustrating because it's throwing me in circles.

- Gary_inNYC