Comment 33 for bug 882307

Francisco Franchetti (nixahn) wrote :

I am having this issue in 14.04. I have actually nautilus-dropbox in case it matters, I did not test without dropbox.

0_ open nautilus, go to some file.
1_ F2 key to edit name
2_ Ctrl+c to copy the name
3_ Esc
6_ F2 key to edit name again

at this point the problems begins:

(nautilus:9723): Gtk-WARNING **: Inserting action group 'ClipboardActions' into UI manager which already has a group with this name

7_ Ctrl + c (this is probably doing nothing because the action is "unhooked" by now due to the previous problem
8_ Ctrl + v
(nautilus:9744): Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_widget_get_clipboard: assertion 'gtk_widget_has_screen (widget)' failed

(nautilus:9744): Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_clipboard_request_text: assertion 'clipboard != NULL' failed

_This could be related to transitioning from GtkAction to GAction.
_Something is being done to the copy/paste actions when pressing F2; probably disabling them and reenabling them afterwards; it seems someone is assuming that adding the actions back will simply update them, but it is not happening that way.

My 2 cents.