Comment 51 for bug 826771

mordant (mordant23) wrote :

I just did a quick test of nautilus 3.2.1-0ubuntu4.2 patch on my Linux Mint 12 (which is based off oneiric) system which has Cinnamon, Gnome Shell and Unity on it. So far it seems to be all right. I still have global menu in Unity and no global menu in Cinnamon and Gnome Shell. So far no freezes or problems, but so far it's only been a real quick test. I'll let you know if any problems develop after extensive use.

Thanks Matthieu! I've spent a lot of time googling and going through dconf-editor to find a solution that didn't involve removing appmenu-gtk, etc. and did not stop nautilus managing the desktop. Your version of nautilus is exactly the solution I need.