Comment 32 for bug 826771

Britt Yazel (brittyboi) wrote :

I can confirm that in both Unity and in Gnome-Shell I still have this bug. I have had to turn off file manager handling the desktop, until this bug is fixed.

The real issue is not the fact that "with transparent themes it is viewable underneath", as that only affects a small portion of the population. The real issue is that in both Unity and Gnome shell it pushes the background image downwards by around 20-25 pixels. This affects the smoothness of when you log in, and also in gnome shell any time you go into and out of the 'activities window' the background image jumps up and down.

Another big problem is people with more than one monitor. In Unity it is fine because the unity bar is shared across both screens, but in Gnome-Shell the top bar is only on the main screen, leaving the ugly nautilus menu bar across the top of the screen of the other monitor.

The only fix as of now to fix the bar being there and subsequently moving the placement of the background image is to turn of file manager handling the desktop in Gnome-tweak....which works beautifully......but it is an unfortunate fix for those like me who enjoy having icons on their desktop

The fix needs to be one where we can have the file manager handle the desktop WITHOUT the bar being across the top, because it is for all intensive purposes useless.