Comment 2 for bug 57753

I'm sorry if I was unclear. A partition on a vfat or ntfs volume shows
up with two icons, e.g.: "data" and "data (2)".

This happens in the Places menu and on the Desktop. In the Computer
"folder" only one icon appears. My nautilus version is: This is in Ubuntu edgy.

On 8/25/06, Micah Cowan <email address hidden> wrote:
> Your description is fairly vague.
> Are you saying two separate partitions get two separate icons? If so,
> that's supposed to happen.
> If partitions are removed from /etc/fstab (and therefore, not mounted at
> start), they wouldn't have icons. That too is normal.
> Or, are you saying that the same partition shows up as two icons? If
> that's the case, where are you seeing this? When you choose "Computer"
> from the "Places" menu, or on the desktop, or both?
> Also, please indicate what version of Ubuntu you are running, and what
> version of the "nautilus" package you're running (you can find this out
> by searching for "nautilus" in Synaptic).
> ** Changed in: Ubuntu
> Status: Unconfirmed => Needs Info
> --
> Vfat and NTFS partitions in edgy get two icons on the GNOME Desktop