Comment 12 for bug 57753

Florent Mertens (givre) wrote :

I also make some test, and it for me, it's totaly unrelated to the way it was partition, but the problem seems to be the uuid stuff.

- When i mount a partition with uuid=*, it shows 2 drive in the desktop
- When i mount the same one with the old /dev/*, it shows one partition in the desktop.

Also i made more test with my ntfs-3g partition.
Normaly, fuse partitions can't be shown in the desktop because of this bug
Hal can't recognize them as an existant partition and so don't set them to 'mounted'.
But when i mount an ntfs-3g(fuse) partition with uuid=*, i have one icone on the desktop, and none if i mount it with /dev/*.

So it seems that nautilus use an other way (on top of hal) to know if a device is mounted or not, and this second method seems to use uuid.