Comment 0 for bug 308261

Grizzly (sven-witterstein) wrote :

On intrepid, there is a "File Operations" Dialogue for each longer copy or move operation. That dialogue is not resizable. Depending on the estimated duration, its size jitters. See Screenshot. Probably upstream prob.

It is similar to the other Bug I reported that the remaining download time during dist-upgrade from hardy to intrepid and from feisty to hardy could not be read in languages hitting long words in localisation

Suggested Fix: make "File Operations" resizable via "grabbing" the corners/edges.

GREEN: sometimes it makes a newline, sometimes not, so the box resizes itself

RED: No handles to rescale (link XP :-((( )

OFFTopic: one Dual-Core Core of AMD x2 4400+ can handle approx 10 MB/s via SSH to Raid 5 array, the whole onboard 1:1 gigabit ethernet maxes to about 25 MB/s. When I copy the 4x1GB files all together, one single-threaded Process gives 10 MB/s. Thus, 2 files seperately start 2 Threads -> 20 MB/s. Why not autodetect the number of processes that give the highest I/O ?