Comment 8 for bug 190366

I don't particularly agree with the /dev entry method either, but that's what the spec says, and I'm not sure of a better way to do it other than specifying a name. But then again I specify labels for my volumes ;). As that's too difficult to do without lots of work for the average user (requires root permissions, manual labor, etc), I would do it by dropping a .autorun/.desktop file in the root directory of the partition that looked something like:

VolumeName=Ubuntu Harddisk

It's not elegant or anything of the such, but it's braindead simple (K.I.S.S. and all). The real problem with the info.vendor/info.product label is the problem I referred to a post or two ago: the vendor label isn't uniformly set. Sometimes it's as stupid as "Volume", which is A Bad Thing (as "Volume" is even more generic than "500.1GB Media"), which then turns that code into a mess of complicated "parse the vendor label" games. The fun part about the .desktop/.autorun file is that you can even do translated strings, or specify more information (like the icon for your media).

Of course, I'm really late to comment on this, as that spec already put everything they intend to do here in pretty clear terms, so I'm just stepping out of the way for now.