Comment 36 for bug 12893

towsonu2003 (towsonu2003) wrote :

I think moving any deleted files to ~/.Trash (one central place) would be nice and solve two bugs at the same time...

From description of bug# 32466:
> When I attach an usb stick and delete some files on it. The files are moved to the trash,
> but the trash-applet still says: There are no objects.

trash-applet says "there are no objects" because it looks at ~/.Trash , which is the proper place to look. I guess this issue would be resolved if trash of removable drives is located at ~/.Trash as well, instead of /media/drive/.Trash

From description of this bug
> Ty digital camera card is full after deleting
> all the pictures, and my iAudio still plays deleted files.
> This is because instead of deleting files from removal devices, Nautilus creates
> a .Trash-$USER directory and moves the files into there.

iAudio still plays deleted files or the digital camera is still full bc the trash is created at /media/drive/.Trash - If deleted items were moved to one central place ~/.Trash, this wouldn't be a problem. The camera/iaudio would be emptied even without "real_delete_if_drive_removable" (which is a very bad idea imho).