Comment 18 for bug 12893

Joseph Garvin (k04jg02) wrote :

This isn't just confusing for people coming from OS X and Win32, but also for Ubuntu users who plug their drives into those machines, because now there is some mysterious .Trash folder and they don't have the amount of space they thought they did. A lot of people move presentations and such through pen drives, and although they may author it on an Ubuntu machine they are very likely going to be presenting on a Windows one.

Because the windows recycle bin doesn't obey the .Trash spec, emptying the recycle bin doesn't free up the space on the pen drive either. So even how to empty the 'trash' for the pen drive is going to be inconsistent if it stays this way.

It's also probably a bad idea because most pen drives are flash based and have a limited number of writes. Creating .Trash and the file moves cause extra, uneeded writes.