Comment 26 for bug 1016559

In response to my earlier workaround, you can very easily run it at start-up. You must use the command I described above to start the daemon. Just create a new start-up command and copy and paste:


Into the command box. Then, have it start up the nautilus integration. Now, restart and you will get a working Dropbox without having to run the daemon in terminal and running the application every time. But I'm sure someone's already figured this out--I just added this for completeness. I have removed Dropbox for now though, because it was beginning to become to much work, as I just have Chrome/Firefox start the page up every time I open it.

However, the above worked for me on a near fresh install of Ubuntu 12.04 Precise. I got the system try icon, syncing, notifications, and everything. I can't say that it will work for any variant though, sorry. But it should.