Comment 85 for bug 1273484

Monitoring Plugins upstream has applied lots of patches. That affects the fedora specific patches:

* monitoring-plugins-0002-Remove-assignment-of-not-parsed-to-jitter.patch becomes obsolete with the removal of in

* monitoring-plugins-0007-Fix-the-use-lib-statement-and-the-external-ntp-comma.patch is obsolete as the 2 patched variables were used by the now removed in

* monitoring-plugins-0010-fix-smart-attribute-comparison.patch can be dropped. That's fixed in

In terms of packages

* monitoring-plugins-ntp-perl is no more. was removed upstream.

I've rebased my rpm build repo towards 1.6 and verified everything working including additional rpm fixes (check the spec %changelog).

Thomas is looking at the check_swap issue later in order to remove another patch. The ugly subst patch could possibly be solved by moving the file generation into autotools.

That should help the preparation of your 'monitoring-plugins' package for review. The fedora specific patch count is now down to 3.