Comment 67 for bug 1273484

This must be some kind of joke right? Are there serious considerations to get rid of the nagios-plugins RPM? I thought it was a bad idea before, but now after reading that last comment and associated blog article, I am outraged! And are we really worried that the new team writing the code for these plugins are not going to be up to par? REALLY? I'm pretty sure a fifth-grader could meet the standards the previous team set, It isn't excately a high bar to meet. I promise I am not tyring to be degrading, and I sincerely appreciate the work they did! I just think it is ridiculous to assume that because of the changes that got everyone all upset we should drop the nagios-plugins rpm and move to nagios-insertyourideahere-plugins. As other "community members" have already said, I do not want to deal with all of the dependency issues this creates, just because of a little pissing match.

Sam: I really appreciate you dealing with this, but please, keep a straight head on this.