Comment 64 for bug 1273484

Hi. I registered an account specifically to comment as a Nagios user, both corporate and personal. I feel that the impact of this change on your user base has been lost in the contributor/company argument.

While I am grateful to Nagios for the project, the bottom line is this: a brand new team means a brand new product. When I update my packages, I typically have a pretty good idea of who I can trust to deliver a stable product based on their track record.

I have, over the years, seen what happens when a closed source product changes hands. It's rarely a change for the better as thew owners lack the knowledge/motivation to maintain the product. I do not see a reason to expect a different outcome with an open source project.

Thus, for stability reasons, when time comes to upgrade, I will go with code continuity, meaning I will follow the departing (departed?) contributors rather than a brand. I am not very happy about the potential dependency changes, though, for quite obvious reasons.