Comment 59 for bug 1273484

Kurt - We've got both C and Perl devs on our team and are quite familiar with the code. We'll be making a new release of the Nagios plugins within the next week or so that will include some important bug fixes that have long gone unapplied. The current team can easily patch any security holes or bugs that might come up in the future.

Andreas and Michael - I'm disappointed (albeit not surprised) to see the level of public disdain you have for Nagios. You are generating some seriously bad karma with the FUD, untruths, and downright hate that you're spreading. Your actions wouldn't have anything to do with the fact that you each have your own Nagios forks that you'll looking to promote at the expense of the Nagios project, would they? The level to which you're willing to stoop to promote your own agendas is astonishing.