Comment 52 for bug 1273484

(In reply to Andy Brist from comment #49)
> Just to reiterate, as I think this point has been lost in this large thread:
> Nagios Enterprises has and continues to control and own the nagios-plugins
> project. Team members may come and go, but the project is indeed controlled
> by Nagios Enterprises. The project has been moved completely in house, with
> direct access to Ethan, the original creator of many of the plugins. For
> these reasons alone, the package should remain, unchanged and with the
> original name.

The assertion that Ethan works for Nagios Enterprises as a reason to completely turn away from the community makes very little sense. What your company did is entirely not okay in a moral sense from my perspective. So no, the fact that you control the project's name upstream is not a good reason to keep the package name the same. I'm trying to figure out a solution that makes sense for everyone and you're making that difficult; did you and your company honestly expect people to just keep going along with you after a dramatic and hostile fork?

Sorry to be so brash, but you've got to work with me here.