Comment 42 for bug 1273484

(In reply to Andy Brist from comment #35)
> (In reply to Sam Kottler from comment #30)
> > Additionally, I've decided that I will not be maintaining nagios-plugins in
> > EPEL 7, but will be happy to be the monitoring-plugins maintainer.
> That is unfortunate, but it is your choice regardless. If the
> nagios-plugins package name will indeed be frozen and treated as a
> transitional package, I think we should offer an option for the upgrade path
> between the two new packages. I still contend that the name "nagios-plugins"
> should retain the current source and name through future releases, but offer
> a choice through the transitional period.

I agree, but this isn't really something that's easy to automate. It basically involves some 'obsoletes' and telling people to choose one or the other. As I've said, I have no problem leaving nagios-plugins with the current upstream and introducing monitoring-plugins for those users who wish to start consuming the new, debatably original upstream in currently versions in EPEL 6 and current Fedora's. Do people think we need the monitoring-plugins package in EPEL 5? I'd like to avoid having to work with EL 5 as much as possible, but if the community thinks it's worthwhile then I'll happily create the package(s) there, too.

Then, in EPEL 7 and Fedora 21 we can have nagios-core-plugins (maintained by someone else) and monitoring-plugins without nagios-plugins existing at all. Someone else can maintain nagios-core-plugins if they choose to do so; if no one does then it just won't exist.

> If a new package name for both projects is a requirement,
> "nagios-core-plugins" fits the Nagios Enterprises controlled project better
> than other suggestions as we are also the organization developing and

Yes, I agree that nagios-core-plugins accurately represents what's in the package.

> supporting core, as well as continuing to support a rather large number of
> nagios-plugins users on our forums. The plugins package's main target is
> Nagios Core and I feel it would be disingenuous to label it as
> "nagios-enterprises-plugins" as it is still a free, open source project.