Comment 0 for bug 326702

Will Uther (willu-mailinglists) wrote :

Binary package hint: mythtv-backend

I've been having some difficulty with the filesystem I'm using for /home. This means that that filesystem has occasionally failed to mount. This is annoying, but it interacts with /etc/init.d/mythtv-backend in a bad way too...

If /home doesn't mount, the mythtv-backend startup script runs anyway. And that startup script, on line 51, does this:

mkdir -p $USER_HOME/.mythtv

which, because of the -p option, creates files in /home even if $USER_HOME doesn't exist (because the mount failed).

This causes all future attempts to mount /home to fail! (until the newly created files are removed.)

Might I suggest that the '-p' option here be removed. If $USER_HOME exists, this will still create the .mythtv directory, but if /home isn't mounted then nothing bogus will be created.