Comment 9 for bug 296952

Andreas Olsson (andol) wrote :

Let me see...

Previously mysqlhotcopy used "$dbh->tables()" to get a list of a database's tables. This happens in the subroutine get_list_of_tables. For convenience I'm attaching a mysqlhotcopy from dapper, where this behavior can be seen.

Around DBD::mysql version 4.003 the behavior of "$dbh->tables()" changed. Instead of returning a simple "tablename" it started to return a full "databasename.tablename". This resulted in mysqlhotcopy trying to operate on "databasename.databasename.tablename". That is the issue 56-* deals with. Well, there were also some following issues of quotation.

If you look at the subroutine get_list_of_tables in a more modern mysqlhotcopy you'll see that it get its list of tables from a SQL-query based on "SHOW TABLES FROM...". This again returns the table list in the simple form of "tablename", without any database-prefix.

Hence the 56-patch doesn't apply.