Comment 10 for bug 1791010

Your upload seems to build fine on all architectures and checking ppc64 in particular the tests that formerly failed are good now.

  The servers were restarted 167 times
  Spent 1178.435 of 482 seconds executing testcases
  Completed: All 768 tests were successful.
  157 tests were skipped, 59 by the test itself.

That said I thought this looks good and you could go on coordinating with rbasak and tsimonq (who synced the last version) for the upload into cosmic that should finally unblock it from proposed migration.
But I realized that the build log in the PPA still has:
   Depends: [...] libmecab2
which should also be removed for 18.10 as the security review isn't complete and we have a component mismatch at the moment (the synced version currently in cosmic-proposed blocks on the lack of mecab in main).