Comment 25 for bug 1571865

On Tue, Oct 11, 2016 at 09:37:56AM -0000, Christian Deligant wrote:
> What happened is that mysql-server did not restart, probably throwing a
> complain but without stopping (and upgrading from 14.04 to 16.04 means
> 2900 MB of stuff to download, running on an SSD you really don't even
> notice what is passing on the screen!), the other packages complaining
> about not being able to connect to the socket... not exactly a good hint
> about the server being off. Only at the very end installation ended up
> with 2 packages misconfigured...

The upgrade does its best to upgrade everything that is unaffected.
Other package unable to connect to the socket should be correctable with
the same "sudo apt-get -f install" after you have fixed the problem
manually after your upgrade. If there is some reason that didn't work
for you, then that's a separate bug that can be fixed (whether in mysql
or the dependent packages).

> I suggest instead of that behaviour to hang the upgrade in case mysql-
> server is not restarting with a notification showing the offending
> settings in order for the sysadmin to understand what is going wrong and
> act before going on.

I don't think this would be acceptable. Say ten packages with similar
challenges follow your solution. Then it would become impossible for you
to complete your upgrade unattended. You'd need to babysit the whole
process. This would be incredibly tedious. Instead, why not fix all the
manual-intervention-required issues at once at the end?

Is there some reason why the solution I described above does not work
for you?