Comment 2 for bug 1521771

Thank you for taking the time to report this bug and helping to make Ubuntu better.

For 5.5:

We have dropped mysql-5.5 since Trusty, so the only fixes now need to have real user impact and minimal regression risk. You said "I know that using upstart and the "service" command are the preferred way to manage MySQL, but as long as the init.d script continues to be shipped it should parallel the upstart script when possible." but please see bug 1273462: under no circumstances should the code in the init.d script actually run on an upstart system. So there is no need to fix the init.d script in Trusty or earlier.

For 5.6, it would be useful to bring behaviour in sync and so I appreciate you pointing it out. I'll add a task for 5.6 to track this.