Comment 15 for bug 737027

Jesse Johnson (holocronweaver) wrote :

Ok, so to fix this problem follow these steps (assuming you are using Ubuntu 11.04):

1. Modify this line in /lib/udev/rules.d/95-kpartx.rules

       ENV{DM_STATE}=="ACTIVE", ENV{DM_UUID}=="dmraid-*", \
        RUN+="/sbin/kpartx -p -part -a /dev/$kernel"

    by changing "dmraid-*" to "DMRAID-*" and remove the '-p -part' switch so that you get

        RUN+="/sbin/kpartx -a /dev/$kernel"

   As mentioned in the bug report, the switch to uppercase is required since id's for dmraid mapped devices follow that convention. The removal of the -p switch is meant to allow kpartx use its default partition map naming scheme rather than a distro specific one. Not sure if Debian ever changed this.

2. Modify this line in the script /sbin/dmraid-activate

       dmraid -i -ay -Z "$1"

    by inserting the -p switch as suggested John in comment #14 so you obtain

       dmraid -i -ay -p -Z "$1"

    Now dmraid will not map partitions, leaving that job to kpartx when it is called in its respective udev rule.

3. Done!

I am not sure how to convert my changes into an uploadable patch via Launchpad. Could someone please direct me to a tutorial or give a brief example?

It would be nice if kpartx was integrated into dmraid itself or else at least replace the partition mapping portion of dmraid with calls to kpartx and bundle the two together (as suggested in the dmraid TODO file). I assume such changes must be made upstream. If so, where should I go to make / suggest the changes?