Comment 28 for bug 1621340

Hua Zhang (zhhuabj) wrote :

Verified successfully on both xenial-proposed and yakkety-proposed.

The test result can refer the link [1], and I refer the link [2] to set up the test env.

Before applying the patch we can see:

Feb 16 08:52:45 juju-zhhuabj-machine-9 systemd[13815]: dev-disk-by\x2did-scsi\x2d360000000000000000e00000000010001.device: Dev dev-disk-by\x2did-scsi\x2d360000000000000000e00000000010001.device appeared twice with different sysfs paths /sys/devices/platform/host13/session12/target13:0:0/13:0:0:1/block/sda and /sys/devices/virtual/block/dm-0

After applying the patch we can see:

Feb 16 09:06:10 juju-zhhuabj-machine-9 systemd-udevd[21289]: conflicting device node '/dev/mapper/360000000000000000e00000000010001' found, link to '/dev/dm-0' will not be created