Comment 22 for bug 1286882

Mathew Hodson (mathew-hodson) wrote :

The apache part was fixed in apache2 (2.4.10-1ubuntu1)

apache2 (2.4.10-1ubuntu1) utopic; urgency=medium

  * Merge from Debian unstable. Remaining changes:


apache2 (2.4.10-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  [ Arno Töll ]
  * New upstream version


apache2 (2.4.9-2) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Fix logic in postinst to detect existing index.* files in both
    DocumentRoots, the old /var/www and the new /var/www/html. Also
    change the compiled in default DocumentRoot to /var/www/html.
    Closes: #743915
  * Fix buffer overflows in suexec with very long (unix) usernames. Not
    exploitable due to FORTIFY_SOURCE. And creating users usually requires
    root privileges, anyway. Thanks to Luca Bruno for the report.
  * Remove conflicts of mpm modules with mpm_itk, which isn't an mpm
    anymore. Fixes a part of: #734865. libapache2-mpm-itk needs a fix, too.
  * Remove obsolete warning in a2enmod about mpm-itk.
  * Fix lintian warning: Remove image ref to, which is a privacy

 -- Stefan Fritsch <email address hidden> Sun, 08 Jun 2014 10:38:04 +0200