Comment 40 for bug 561390

teeedubb (tmw-80) wrote :

I seem to be having a similar issue, although with a mdadm raid 5 array. I get the screen stating 'the disk for/mnt/md0 is not ready yet or not present'. If i press M and try 'mount -a' it states that 'special device /dev/md0 does not exist'. If I try 'mdadm --assemble --scan' it states 'no devices found for /dev/md0'. If I skip the mounting of the array, and start the array then mount it through palimpset everything mounts as should be (devices in array and mount location).

I have added Scott's repositories and upgraded mountall to no avail. The output of 'dpkg-query -W dmsetup' is 'dmsetup 2:1.02.39-1ubuntu4'. This seems different from the version I should have. I have included my /var/log/boot.log. I will attach the udev file from the same directory in my next post (I cant attach two files to this post)