Comment 24 for bug 561390

Ali Onur Uyar (aouyar) wrote :

Hi Scott, I will be glad to help as much as I can.

I am sending you the following information in the attached zip file:
udevadm_info.recshell - Output of 'udevadm info --export-db' in recovery shell.
boot.log.recshell - /var/log/boot.log from recovery shell.
udev.recshell - /var/log/udev from recovery shell.
dev_mapper.recshell - Permissions of LV devices 'ls -l /dev/mapper' in recovery shell.
fs_ext3.recshell - List of mounted filesystems in recovery shell.
dev_shm.afterboot - Permissions of /dev/shm after mounting filesystems manually and continuing with boot with CTRL-D.

If you compare the filesystem list with the report I has sent before, you will see that more filesystems failed to mount on this occasion. On rare occasions all filesystems are mounted without problems and the boot works smoothly. On other occasions only two filesystems do not get mounted and on other cases like this one 5 filesystems might fail to get mounted.

The filesystems that fail to get mounted are always the ones on LVM with the device files that have root:disk ownership.

The /dev/shm permission problem is correlated with the bug. Whenever there is a problem mounting the filesystems on LVM, the permissions of /dev/shm also get messed up after /boot.