Comment 17 for bug 561390

Ali Onur Uyar (aouyar) wrote :

* I have upgraded to mountall 2.14 from PPA, but the boot still fails in more the attempts. The bug is kind of tricky, because after the upgrade, it seemed as if the issue was fixed, but in subsequent boots the problem reappeared.

* The bug does not apply only to /var, but it can be any other filesystem that is on LVM.

* The issue is somehow correlated with another issue with the permissions of /dev/shm. Each time the boot fails and I have to enter the recovery shell and execute "mount -a" and CTRL-D to continue with the boot, the permissions of /dev/shm are messed up and Google Chrome Browser fails to start. It is a quite strange issue, because I have checked the permissions in the recovery shell and the permissions are OK (rwxrwxrwt), but after graphical login the permissions are suddenly rwx-r-x-r-t. The issue with the permissions does not occur, when once in a while the boot works correctly.

I am sending the boot.log, but I there is no /var/log/udev on this box. How can I activate logging for udev?