Comment 95 for bug 527666

Yesterday, I had posted a comment with details of the issue I am experiencing since I upgraded to Lucid.

Lucid hangs up indefinitely with the "Waiting for 'some partition'" error. The partitions that cause the problem are on LVs. Amit Kucheria mentioned that at this point some of the LVs have root:root ownership whereas others have root:disk ownership, and apparently the LVs that hang are the ones with root:disk ownership.

Simply changing the owner ship of the device node in /dev/mapper is a no fix, because the permissions are not persistent through reboots. So, I went ahead and added the following line in mountall.conf before the line that launches the daemon with exec:

chown root:root /dev/mapper/*

Adding this line fixed the problem completely. This test seems to confirm that the problem is with the ownership of the LVM device nodes, but I have no idea why some nodes end up having the root:disk ownership, while others have root:root in the first place.