Comment 3 for bug 479343

JoanCF (jcodina) wrote :

In lucid the X060 connects only once every 20 trials, sometimes the red/green light shows connection but nm does not.
I installed in Lucid the karmik patch.. but still many problems.
What hapens:
When the modem is plugged the orange light flashes but it takes one or two minutes the nm to detect it
Then it tries to establish the connection but it seems that the pin code is missing, you need to rewrite the pin code and push apply
But then, the time elapsed is so long that the modem turns off.
Also the enable broadband connection sometimes is disoconected, and some times the modem indicates connection but nm says that is not connected, and is impossible to navigate.
I thik i will downgrade to 9.10, but is not so easy :-(