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This bug was fixed in the package mir - 0.1.4+14.04.20140204-0ubuntu1

mir (0.1.4+14.04.20140204-0ubuntu1) trusty; urgency=medium

  [ Daniel van Vugt ]
  * New upstream release 0.1.4 (
    - Fixed snapshotting and flicker problems for Unity8 on various Nexus
    - Enhanced reporting of performance information:
      . Report input latency in InputReport/InputReceiverReport.
      . Added a CompositorReport for logging compositor performance and state.
    - Added a new package "mir-utils" containing new tools:
      . mirping: Displays round-trip times between client and server
      . mirout: Displays the monitor layout/configuration details
    - Added GL texture caching to improve performance when multiple surfaces
      are visible.
    - Added opacity controls to mir_demo_server_shell
    - Mir server ABI bumped to 13. Client ABI bumped to 5.
    - Removed lots of Android headers, replaced by build-dep: android-headers
    - Added support for translucent nested servers.
    - tests: Fix unitialized values and incorrect fd closing loops
    - Fix unitialized values and incorrect fd closing loops.
    - client: Add basic MirScreencast C API.
    - config: start moving default values for config options from all the
      call sites to the setup
    - tests: Provide a helper for running clients with a stub ClientPlatform.
    - android: split out HWC layers into their own file and add a
      mga::CompositionLayer type that depends on the interface mg::Renderable.
    - client: Add basic MirOutputCapture class.
    - client: Don't create mesa ClientBuffer objects from invalid
    - Optimize surface resizing to avoid doing anything if the dimensions
      are unchanged.
    - SwitchingBundle - add operator<< for debugging.
    - support hwcomposer 1.2 for android 4.4 on nexus 4 (which needs hwc1.2
      support). This patch adds hwc1.2 device construction, as well as progs
      the 'skip' layer in HWC to the buffer properties of the framebuffer.
    - demo-shell: Add simple keyboard controls to rotate outputs; Ctrl +
      Alt + <arrow-key>. Fixes:
    - frontend: exposing internals of the RPC mechanism to enable custom
      function calls to be added.
    - Make udev wrapper into a top-level citizen
    - compositor: ignore double requests to start or stop the
    - Add DisplayBuffer::orientation(), to tell the Renderer if we need it
      to do screen rotation in GL (for platforms which don't implement
      rotation natively) Fixes:
    - graphics: add an post_update function that takes a list of renderables
      to the display buffer. This will let the display buffer take advantage
      of full-surface overlays on android.
    - android-input: Improve debug output
    - the stock qcom 8960 hwcomposer chokes on getDisplayAttributes if the
      submitted arrays are not at least size 6. patched the qcom android 4.2
      hwcomposer driver on the ubuntu touch images to work properly, but
      causes us problems with in-the wild drivers, and the new 4.4 drivers.
      Make sure we always submit a larger-than-needed array to this function.
    - frontend: refactoring to make it easier to expose the underlying RPC
      transport on the server side.
    - Don't assume pressure value is zero if not yet known
    - build: Expose options to allow building but not running tests by default.
    - Translucent Server which prefers a transparent pixel format
    - frontend: refactor ProtobufMessageProcessor to separate out generic
      response sending logic from specific message handling.
    - client: expose the part of the client RPC infrastructure needed for
      downstream to prototype their own message sending.
    - Bugs fixed:
      . unity8 display flickers and stops responding on Nexus 7 (grouper)
        (LP: #1238695)
      . Mir gets textures/buffers confused when running both scroll and flicker
        demos (LP: #1263592)
      . Some snapshots on Nexus10 upside-down (LP: #1263741)
      . mir_unit_tests is crashing with SIGSEGV in libhybris gl functions
        (LP: #1264968)
      . Some snapshots on Nexus10 have swapped red/blue channels (LP: #1265787)
      . Bypass causes some non-bypassed surfaces (on top) to be invisible
        (LP: #1266385)
      . helgrind: Possible data race - MirConnection::mutex not used
        consistently (LP: #1243575)
      . helgrind: Lock order violated (potential deadlock) in
        ConnectionSurfaceMap (LP: #1243576)
      . helgrind: Possible data race - inconsistent locking in PendingCallCache
        (LP: #1243578)
      . helgrind: Lock order violated in
        mir::client::ConnectionSurfaceMap::erase(int) (LP: #1243584)
      . [enhancement] Allow a Mir nested server to have a transparent
        background (LP: #1256702)
      . Compiling without tests fails (-DMIR_ENABLE_TESTS=NO) (LP: #1263724)
      . examples, doc: Make it clear and consistent how to use
        a non-root client with a root compositor endpoint.
        (LP: #1272143)
      . Avoid linking to umockdev on platforms (android) which don't yet
        use it. This allows mir_unit_tests to run on touch images again
        (LP: #1271434)
      . Workaround for N4 nested server issue. This change removes
        mir_pixel_format_bgr_888 - HAL_PIXEL_FORMAT_RGB_888 from the
        list of supported pixel formats on android. (LP: #1272041)
      . Don't ask glUniformMatrix4fv to transpose your matrix. That option
        was officially deprecated between OpenGL and OpenGL|ES. And some
        drivers like the Nexus 10 don't implement it, resulting in incorrect
        transformations and even nothing on screen! (LP: #1271853)
      . Fixes: bug 1272143 (LP: #1272143)
      . fix integration test failure on the galaxy nexus that was due to
        creating two surfaces and registering the same buffer twice. Fixes:
        (LP: #1272597)
      . Implement screen rotation in GLRenderer, for platforms
        which can't do it natively in DisplayBuffer.
        (LP: #1203215)
      . Add an "orientation" field to output structures in preparation for
        screen rotation. It's not yet functionally wired to anything.
        (LP: #1203215)
      . Only use SwitchingBundle::last_consumed after it has been
        set. Otherwise SwitchingBundle::compositor_acquire could follow a bogus
        code path. (LP:#1270964)
      . tests: Override configuration to avoid creating an (unused)
        filesystem endpoint for connections when using InProcessServer.
        (LP: #1271604)
      . frontend: ensure that BasicConnector threads don't exit
        immediately. (LP: #1271655)

  [ Ubuntu daily release ]
  * New rebuild forced
 -- Ubuntu daily release <email address hidden> Tue, 04 Feb 2014 14:49:07 +0000