Comment 30 for bug 494096

cheater (cheater00) wrote :

This is a critical issue which can lead to:

1. security compromise: a process is running in a terminal, which can get closed by a mis-click. This is now open to being spoofed by someone while you're gone, to e.g. steal your password. Alternatively, let's say it was a firewall, which is now removed.
2. lost work (there are comments here that mention this has cost people considerable amounts of money)
3. instability (you disable an important part of the system)
4. data corruption (data is overwritten because it goes into the wrong window as per one of the comments above)

There has been a patch for this *critical* issue over a year now (!) and there is a fix in 10.10 since the very release. There is absolutely no reason for the harsh wait until 29/07/2011. Taking 5 months for something that takes 5 seconds, when there's a critical issue on hand, is not the way forward. The alternative of poisoning your system with PPA's or self-compiled software is not acceptable. Switching to a non-LTS release is not a solution either. Please fix immediately, there really is no reason not to.