Comment 40 for bug 124315

I've added Compiz to this bug as per the discussion here:

>I know about the window placement plugin in CCSM but there are two problems:
>It requires manual setup and can only do static coordinates and rules
>whereas it should be enabled by default, transparent and dynamically
>remember positions.
>Secondly, it's broken. Opening another window of the same
>class/role/whatever shouldn't put it exactly on top of the other one
>but cascaded so both titlebars are visible. See KDE, Windows and OS X
>for a correct implementation.


>My recommendation for the near future: Extend the window placement
>plugin so it supports cascading (or "smart" placement, see below) of
>same windows and automatically remembers coordinates. Once it's deemed
>stable and functionally complete enable it by default.

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